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From Good to Great: Moving Your Board From a Management to Strategic Posture

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Classical, Christian school start-up’s are often founded by people of conviction and action. Their founding board’s have “skin in the game” and care about the outcome. Boards of young schools often participate in day-to-day management decisions because they want to protect the mission and do not have developed leadership. It works for awhile, but boards must learn to transition to strategic governance. This seminar will make the case by distinguishing between management and strategic postures; identifying fatal mistakes that managing boards make and how this jeopardizes the very mission they wish to protect. Finally, this seminar will offer practical steps to move a board into its strategic role.

John Heaton

John Heaton is the second Headmaster of New Covenant Schools. He followed the founding Head, joining the school in its seventh year and has held this position since 1998. Now in its thirtieth year, the school has enjoyed steady growth with 450 students, five successful capital campaigns, and, most importantly, a strategic board. Long experience with one school has given him a unique perspective on the stages of school growth and governance. In addition, John is an ordained Anglican pastor and is the Associate Priest at All Saints Church in Lynchburg. He has been married to Heidi for 35 years and has four adopted children. When not at school John and Heidi enjoy being at their farm in Bedford County, Virginia.