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Classical Christian Movement

From Empty Seats to Wait Pools

By June 29, 2018January 18th, 2023No Comments

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As the first touchpoint to your school, the Admissions Department has a tremendous opportunity to share your school’s mission and vision with hundreds of families each year. How does the admissions process and office need to evolve over time to accommodate increased interest and applications? We will walk through the steps from initial inquiry to the first day of school to explore potential pitfalls and victories. Learn how the Veritas School has refined and streamlined its admissions process over the last decade — while maintaining the personal touch with each prospective family. This seminar is designed for admissions personnel or those who are directly involved in the admissions process.

Gretchen Gregory

Gretchen Gregory is enjoying her 13th year at Veritas School in Richmond, Virginia. In the early years, she served as the Director of Administrative Services, gaining experience in many of the departments and duties of a growing school. For the last 10 years, she has served as the Director of Admissions and has watched the school grow from 153 students during her first year to the current enrollment of 529 students, full classrooms and wait pools in several grades. Gretchen thoroughly enjoys introducing prospective families to the school, walking them through the admissions process and seeing them on campus for their rst day. She believes that unpacking the story of what it means to be a classical, Christ-centered community of faith and learning is a great privilege and responsibility. Gretchen has three children — one Veritas senior and two graduates — and has been married to her husband, Kevin, for 25 years.