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Classical Christian Movement

Framing Science Discussions

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Christians may disagree about the details of ‘how’ and ‘when,’ but for our discussions we agree on this foundational doctrine: 1) Encourage a respectful discussion within the body of Christ and with those outside Christianity 2) Recognize that both strict naturalists who dismiss supernaturalism and strict adherents to certain secondary doctrines within Christianity can squelch dialogue through dogmatism and unkindness 3) Both ‘sides’ should take responsibility by refraining from demeaning other viewpoints 4) Acknowledge the tension that arises when our understanding of science and our understanding of faith seem to be in conflict 5) Suggest that our confusion may stem from either an incomplete view of Scripture or an incomplete view of science 6) Encourage students to pray for wisdom, seek the Scriptures, and dialogue with other believers, especially their parents.

Allison Jackson

Allison is honored to be able to serve on the Regent School of Austin faculty as a School of Logic science teacher. She loves students, she enjoys science, and she is passionate about the discipleship-centered approach of classical, Christian education. Allison earned a biology degree with a chemistry minor from the University fo North Texas and worked in labs on and o campus. Allison felt called to teaching, and her career began in public highschool, where she taught biology. Since then, she has taught in a variety fo se ings, including summer science camps for grammar and logic students, where they sketched wild owers, raised bu er y caterpillars and made messes while learning kitchen sink chemistry. She also tutored students and parents in a weekly class for classical homeschoolers. Recently, Allison had the privilege of helping to launch a classical school in Bulverde, Texas, where she also taught 6-8th grade students. When Allison is not teaching, you can probably nd her cheering for her sons on the football or baseball fields or riding bikes on the trails of Austin with her husband.