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Classical Christian Movement

Christian and Humanist Education – Part 1

By June 25, 2011January 30th, 2023No Comments

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Christian Humanism, the history and theory of, with a focus on the twentieth century. Starting with paul at Mars’ Hill through the Patristic period, Birzer will briefly discuss the meaning of the liberal arts in the formation of the Christian church – through the reformation. He will then focus on a number of (mostly) Christian thinkers key to understanding the humanities in an age of ideologies: Irving Babbitt; Paul Elmer More; Albert Jay Nock; Christopher Dawson; Romano Guardini; T.S. Eliot; Russell Kirk; and Stratford Caldecott. He will also give some time to the most damaging and influential ideologues of the past century and a half: Darwin; Marx; Spencer; Freud; and Nietzsche.

Brad Birzer

Brad Birzer is Russell Amos Kirk Chair in American Studies and Professor of History, Hillsdale College, Michigan. Author of several books, including his most recent, American Cicero: The life of Charles Carroll, Birzer writes frequently – in a variety of publications and through a variety of different venues – on liberal education, biography, western civilization, and American culture and history. Birzer is a Senior Fellow with ISI, Chairman of the Board of Academic Advisors for The Center for the American Republic and a Fellow with the University of Louisville’s McConnell Center.