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Doing What Comes Naturally: Design-Based Discipleship

By June 25, 2009January 31st, 2023No Comments

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There isn’t “one best way” to disciple others. Scripture indicates that we have each been given certain gifts to use for the building of the body of Christ. If we disciple based on those gifts not only will our impact increase, but we’ll also be able to relate life-on-life in a way that is fun and natural.

Jeff Myers

Through passing the baton international, Dr. Jeff Myers has a vision to equip and train one million adults to coach and mentor the next generation of culture-shaping leaders. Over the last three years passing the baton has helped more than 200,000 people in 500 schools, churches, non-profit and political troops in the U.S, Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa. Dr. Myers is associate professor of communication arts at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, where he teaches undergraduate courses and MBA courses in leadership and communication. He also serves as chairman of the board of Colorado-based summit ministires, a youth leadership training program endorsed by evangelical leaders such as James Dobson and Chuck Colson. Dr. Myers in the author of six books and three video coaching systems. He earned a Doctor of philosophy degree from the University of Denver. He and his wife Danielle live in Tennessee and home-school their four children.