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Developing a Safe, Curriculum-Centered Europe Trip

By June 22, 2017January 19th, 2023No Comments

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As classical educators, we love our ideals and ideas, but there’s something magical about seeing students interact with the “concrete” reality of places studied in literature and history. European school trips can incarnate the ideas presented in the classroom, and so serve as a key part of any school’s curriculum. Nothing makes the French Revolution more real to them than being in Versailles. But there are the obvious concerns about cost, logistics, and security. This seminar will help you develop a unique Europe trip, integrate it into your curriculum, prepare your students and chaperones, all while keeping safety a top priority.

Josh Simmons

A History and Literature teacher at Regents School of Austin for the past 11 years, Humanities department chair, and experienced leader of Regents’ annual Europe trip, Josh brings a wealth of experience in both the classroom and trip organization. He holds a BA in History/Christian Thought from Grove City College and a MAR from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Josh lives on two acres outside the Austin area with his wife, three kids, some chickens and a dog.