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Classical Christian Movement

Developing a Growth Mindset

By June 26, 2014January 25th, 2023No Comments

Help your students develop a different way of thinking! The way students think about learning has major implications on what and how they actually learn. We will discuss Carol Dweck’s research on growth mindsets versus fixed mindsets to help improve our ability to more positively impact student learning and help students (and ourselves) think differently about challenges, mistakes, and even failures. Particular attention will be given to practical ways to give more effective and targeted student feedback.

Lori Jill Keeler

Lori Jill Keeler has her B.A. in Secondary Education and English Literature, and her M.Ed. in Integrated Curriculum and Instruction. She served as the educational expert on the founding Board of Directors for Evangel Classical Christian School in Helena, Alabama, has wri en second through six grade Bible curriculum, and has been a guest speaker on creating a culture of gracce at several classical schools in the Southeast. Lori Jill and her husband Sco have two sons.