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Classical Christian Movement

Defending the Christian Liberal Arts: Helping Teachers Tell the Story

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George Sanker

George Sanker currently serves as Headmaster of The Covenant School in Charlo esville, VA. George has worked in education since 1996 and served as the principal of two charter schools in Washington, DC and Longmont, CO. He started his career in education working in private Christians schools where he was a history and theology teacher for middle and high school students. George graduated from Colgate University with a BA in political science. A er Colgate, he served his country as an o cer at the Central Intelligence Agency, where he specialized in analyzing data pertaining to Southeast Asia. He also received a MA in Religion from Reformed Theological Seminary. George is currently ABD in sociology at the University of Virginia. He and his wife Jeanne e live in Charlo esville with ve of their children—Nicholas (10), Jonas (9), and Lukas (6), Thomas (3), Magdalena (6 months). Their h child, Kendrick (18), a ends Hampton University in Hampton, VA.