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Classical Christian Movement

Cross-Curricular Integration in the Lower School Latin Classroom

By June 24, 2017January 19th, 2023No Comments

This workshop will present specific strategies on integrating Latin into every core content area of a Lower-School classical Christian curriculum. Demonstrating for students the relevance of Latin instruction on History, Science, Math, Literature, ELA, Bible, Art, Music, P.E., etc., will help strengthen not only students’ mastery of Latin, but also their performance across the curricular spectrum. The workshop will address designing a cross-curricular Latin program, creating interdisciplinary unit plans, and collaborating with classroom teachers to maximize the impact on students’ performance. The last part of the workshop will be an open discussion of attendees’ ideas and concerns about how to create and implement such a program at their schools.

Shannon Walker

I have been teaching Latin to students in the elementary grades for 12 years. I am a tireless advocate for the classical Christian model of education. I am also extremely passionate about Latin education in the elementary grades. I know that peer-reviewed research demonstrates the cross-curricular benefits that younger students receive from the study of Latin. I believe that the study of Latin is relevant to every area of a student’s education. I have seen firsthand the bene ts that my students have received. It has been such a pleasure to watch these students as they mature into high school and college—and to see that their study of Latin is still benefiting them.