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Classical Christian Movement

Conversational and Communicative Latin

By June 27, 2015January 23rd, 2023No Comments

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The principles and practices of using conversation and communication in Latin instruction. In this seminar, I will present the meaning and goals of conversation and communication in Latin teaching, along with the reasons for this approach and some of its possible challenges.Secondly, I will will introduce a variety of techniques and activities for implementing the conversational & communicative approach.

Joshua Smith

Joshua has been at Veritas School in Newberg, OR for eleven years, where he teaches secondary Latin & Greek, Humane Letters, and New Testament, having previously taught logic and Old Testament at a classical Christian school in Chicago, and Christian Worldview at Trinity Christian College. He has been working with conversation in the Latin classroom since participating in the Latin-immersion Conventiculum Vasingtoniense in 2005, and has more recently begun applying these methods in Greek, especially since a ending the Biblical Language Center’s Greek Fluency Workshop (Fresno, CA) in 2013.