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Highlands Latin School Indianapolis

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Highlands Latin School Indianapolis (HLS) is a private JK-12th grade classical Christian school. The school was founded in 2011 and has a current enrollment of 200 students across two campuses. We provide a unique educational resource in our community that is a model of both excellence in academics and Christian character. HLS is a return to the longstanding tradition of the Latin school, equipping students with superior language and communication skills. The study of classical languages and the Greek and Roman classics provides a path to wisdom and knowledge that cannot be attained by any other method.  A classical education produces creative thinkers with a broad background in science, math, language and the humanities who can bring this knowledge to bear solving complex problems in our world. We are restoring a lost standard of academic excellence as students are trained to grasp challenging material, evaluate information, discern truth and wisdom, make wise decisions, act justly, and speak and write exceptionally. Graduates from our school are highly sought after by university admissions.

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