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Classroom Film Production: Learning Literacy By Making Movies

By June 26, 2009February 23rd, 2023No Comments

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One of the most effective ways to teach film literacy and elicit higher order thinking skills from students is to teach them how to make their own movies, a skill that can then be applied to a variety of academic areas and learning projects. This seminar will provide resources and a start-to-finish “how to” approach for making commercials, research documentaries, music videos, and dramatic short films in the classroom, including script writing, technology needs, pre-production, acquisition, post-production, assignment evaluation methods, and project ideas. See your students go from putting in five hours on a research paper to fifty hours on a research documentary.

Charlie Starr

Charlie Starr is a professor of English and Humanities at Kentucky Christian University. He took an MA in Humanities at the University of Dallas under Louise Cowan and finished his DA in English at Middle Tennessee State Univeristy with the dissertation, The Triple Enigma: Fact, Truth and Myth as the Key to C.S. Lewis’ Epistemological Thinking. Charlie has published three books, most recently a biblical study entitled Honest to God. His essay, “The Silver Chair and the Silver Screen” is the lead chapter in Revisiting Narnia and he has published on C.S. Lewis in Seven, C.S.L and Mythlore.