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Classical Christian Movement

Classical Kindergarten

By June 28, 2008January 31st, 2023No Comments

When most parents hear of classical education, they think of ivy covered brick buildings and thoughtful students reading the great works. They picture uniformed young men and women striving in their studies to be stellar students who are readying themselves for college. Parents are often not sure how grammar school and kindergarten more specifically, can really have an impact on their child for a classical education. “Doesn’t classical education seem a bit stuffy for five and six year olds to handle? Can’t you go to any kindergarten and get the same kind of education?” are questions heard most often from parents of young children just learning about the classical methodology. Kindergarten is the foundation of the grammar pillar of classically educating a student and can be the bridge for parents understanding the classical model.

Debra Sugiyama

Jim Selby has a BA from Oral Roberts University in English Literature and New Testament Literature and a M.Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He has taught and administered at Whitefield Academy, a classical Christian school in Kansas City, for the last eleven years. Jim currently teaches Great Books/Humanities, Rhetoric and English Literature as well as Logic in previous years. Founder of Classical Composition he authored a writing curriculum used both in the classroom and in the homeschooling community.