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Building an Effective and Healthy Parent Organization

By June 26, 2014January 25th, 2023No Comments

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Since parents are the primary educators of their children, then your school must connect with them. I guess that every school at this conference started because a group of parents wanted more for their own children and their city. In your school’s beginning, parents painted walls, mopped floors, bought used furniture, led the board meetings, and did most other things that just needed to get done. Overtime, the flaming visionary parents morph into a support structure whereby paid administrators and paid teachers carry many of the burdens. As this morphing takes place, your school grows in strength as you continue to give parents an effective and healthy way to partner with the administration and teachers. Roles and responsibilities are the key. Join me and one of our former Regents Parent Council Chairs, Carla for this lively discussion that exposes the lessons we learned and the ongoing challenges that await our school in parent organization advancement.

Rod Gilbert

Rod Gilbert serves as the Head of School at Regents School of Austin. He was the Head of Upper School for four years, and then he became the Head of School ve years ago. Prior to his start at Regents, he was the founding Assistant Headmaster of Trinity Academy of Raleigh in North Carolina. He and Angie have two children at Regents School. When he is not working with Regents, you may nd his family tending their Alpine dairy goats. They tend the goats, and enjoy delightful milk and cheese. In formal training he completed a B.S. in Economics and an M.Div. Currently he is completing requirements toward a Ph.D. in Education.