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Age of Opportunity: Building Middle School Culture

By June 28, 2014January 25th, 2023No Comments

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If you could go back to being a middle schooler, would you? I would not. However, after working for 18 years with this age group, have found this is a tremendous time period with a plethora of opportunities to teach through failure and hardship. The logic stage is a time when children begin to test the boundaries and formulate how to interact with others, while testing their newfound intellectual musings. This workshop will be theological, philosophical and practical on how to build a middle school culture during these opportunistic years.

Dan Peterson

Dan Peterson serves as the Head of the School of Logic at Regents School of Austin in Austin, TX. He received his B.A. in biology and human services from Carson-Newman University. He earned a M. Div. in theology from Southern Seminary and a Ph.D. in leadership with and emphasis in education from Southern Seminary. He served as the founding Headmaster at a classical Christian school in Tennesse for six years. He and his wife, Brooke have four children: Isaac, Grace, Josie, and Annabelle. He enjoys reading, running and playing soccer, but most of all spending time with his family.