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Classical Christian Movement

A Survey of Oft-Neglected Factors in Scientific Inquiry and Instruction

By June 25, 2020January 9th, 2023No Comments

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Not surprisingly perhaps, many instructors at Christian schools teach in the way they were taught—whether at the high-school, undergraduate, or graduate level—and in many cases their teaching is thus tainted with scientism. Instruction at Christian schools, however, should be infused fully with a Christian worldview, key elements of which are sin, logical disciplinary scope, and creaturely finitude. Proper views of these worldview elements hold great promise not only as suppressants of scientism, but also as catalysts for truth pursuit and humility in the scientific enterprise.

Steve Mittwede

Steve Mittwede serves as Science Department Chair at Covenant Classical School in Fort Worth. His academic journey began at The College of William and Mary in Virginia (BS in Geology), took him south to the University of South Carolina (MS and PhD in Geology) and Columbia International University (MA in Intercultural Studies and EdS in Educational Leadership), and took on an international flair when he studied at the Evangelical Theological College of Wales–now Union School of Theology (MTh in Modern Evangelical Theology). Steve and his bride make their home on the westernmost edge of Fort Worth, but relish opportunities to spend time with four sons and their burgeoning families. He does research and publishes every chance he gets, and is especially passionate about faith-learning integration.