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SCL Pre-Conference


June 24, 2015, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Registration is Now Open: Register HERE




Track 1

The Vocation of Science and The Gift of Creation





Facilitator and Moderator: Ravi Jain


  • Ravi Scott Jain (physics, The Geneva School, FL),

  • Chris Hall (K-6th academic dean, The Covenant School, VA)

  • Robbie Andreasen (biology, The Geneva School, FL)

  • Jason Faulkner (6th-8th, Heritage Preparatory, GA)

Guest Speakers of Honor:

  • Ken Myers (Mars Hill Audio)

  • Stephen Meyer and son (Discovery Institute)


Ravi Jain is the co-author of the Liberal Arts Tradition: A Philosophy of Christian Classical Education and veteran science and mathematics educator at the Geneva School of Orlando. 


Track 2

School Leadership, Culture and Growth: A Workshop for Heads and Board Members





Facilitator and Moderator: Keith Nix


  • Scott Baron: Grapevine Management

  • Keith Nix: Culture-Making and the Role of the Head

  • Eric Cook: Leading with a Limp: The Necessity of Humility and Weakness in the Head of School

  • Head of School Panel: Leadership, Culture and Growth

  • Keith Nix: The Board and the Head: Keys to a Healthy Relationship


Keith Nix serves as the chair of the SCL and the head of school at the Veritas School of Richmond, Virgnia.  He frequently consults with school boards and heads.











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